Inspirational Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Everyone has their own idea of their perfect garden, from those who will enter competitions for the best rose, to those who want a low maintenance garden, to those who love to entertain friends on the weekends. King William III’s idea of a perfect garden involved the hedge maze, this still survives to this day in Hampton Court Palace in Surrey, UK and is the oldest surviving hedge maze in the world! Most of us will not be so elaborate, but we still want our landscape design to reflect our personality and suit our needs. It can be a challenge to get started but the only way is up when you create your garden either for food, fragrance, relaxation or resale.

An idea of the perfect garden has to start with your own imagination, and you have probably seen those professional landscapers on the gardening programs coming up with all sorts of wonderful ideas. How do they make it look so easy? Not surprisingly they generally have years of experience and hundreds of examples of garden landscape ideas to draw from. These tools and resources that they have available to them would make any would-be landscaper’s job easier

When making your garden plans, you should remember:

• There is no right or wrong garden and your definition of a perfect garden is just perfect!

• Consider your budget, and how far it will stretch. If you can’t complete the whole landscaping project in one go, for time or budgeting reasons, break it into smaller, manageable mini-projects so that the whole exercise doesn’t get too overwhelming. Choose some small projects that can be completed in a weekend – to keep that motivation going – and to achieve small steps towards your goals.

Remodeling Ideas

• Invest in good quality gardening tools. Quality tools like secateurs will make keeping a garden maintained so much easier – cheap secateurs will likely just make it hard to prune and damage the plants. The garden will need some maintenance, so keep this in mind. Though if you like a more ‘natural look’, just leave it to grow a bit wild.

• Keep a hose handy – if you can’t have a hose grab a watering can – whenever anything looks too dry. Choosing plants that suit your climate and conditions will minimize maintenance and the disappointment of losing plantings.

• It can feel dreadful to pick those gorgeous flowers in your garden for indoors so why not create a patch called a “picking garden” – this is the best way to enjoy your garden inside and out.

Whatever you decide is the perfect garden you wish to create you will need to have some great garden design ideas to get you started. These can be collected from home-maker magazines, or from driving around your neighborhood for inspiration. A professional landscaper can be engaged to provide suggestions, advice and a landscape design, but for most, this service will severely eat into the budget available for doing the whole landscaping project. An affordable and far more practical and enjoyable option is to utilize clever landscaping resources from Design Great Gardens.

And how about this for a Did you know? The largest bouquet every created was made from 156,940 roses, in Germany 2005. One would hope that someone would have invented a tool to get rid of the thorns on that lot!

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